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martes, 21 de mayo de 2013

Jenine Shereos: hojas extenudas, sombras atrapadas

Jenine Shereos, artista americana que me fascina: 

muestro aquí su serie de obras llamadas Hojas, de 2011, realizadas con pelo humano por el procedimiento de ir haciendo nuditos con las finísimas hebras de pelo, imitanto las nervaduras de las hojas naturales que así quedan desecadas (en procesos que se producen bajo el follaje, a escondidas de la luz)

Todas las fotografías de esta serie son de Robert Diamante

Hoja (morena). Pelo humano, 18 x 11,5 cm.  2011
Fotos de Robert Diamante

Dice Jenine Shereos, con gran sencillez, de estas obras:

Hi, my name is Jenine Shereos and I am a visual artist specializing in fiber and textile techniques. In 2006, after completing my master’s degree in the fibers program at California State University, Long Beach, I moved to Boston Massachusetts, and since that time, I have been developing several new bodies of work, including the Leaf series and the Lacework series.

The Leaf Series

The leaf series was inspired by a collection of delicate leaf skeletons that I came across while hiking in northern California several years ago. In this work, I attempt to recreate the intricacies of a leaf’s veining using a system I developed by wrapping, stitching, and knotting together strands of human hair. I begin by stitching individual strands of hair by hand into a water- soluble backing material. At each point where one strand of hair intersects another, I stitch a tiny knot, so that when the backing is dissolved, the entire piece holds its form.

Creating this work is a very meditative process for me. I am attracted to the idea of transformation and the way that humble materials can be used to make something strangely beautiful and unexpected. The complex network of lines present in this work mimics the organic patterns found in nature and speaks to the natural systems of transformation, growth and decay. Allusions to the vascular tissue of plants, as well as the vascular system of the human body, exist simultaneously; the delicate trace of a hair falling silently, imperceptibly, from one’s head becoming the veins of a leaf as it falls from a tree leaving its indelible imprint on the ground below.

Otra serie de obras de Jenin, Encajes, de 2007, realizadas con papel recortado, siguiendo las luces proyectadas a través del follaje de arbolillos a lo largo del día, como ella explica muy bien:

Another series I have been working on recently involves making lace patterns by tracing the shadows of trees. Recently, I have traced a number of tree shadows at Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum here in Boston.  As I sit down to draw the shadows, they are constantly shifting and in the course of the hour or two that it may take to capture a tree’s single shadow, numerous slips and shifts have occurred. I am interested in this process of attempting to capture something that is ultimately ephemeral. In the current phase of this project, I am exploring possible ways to interpret the information gathered by the tracings through various textile techniques.

Jenine ha obtenido una beca en la residencia de artsstas CAMAC -Centro de Arte en Marnay-sur-Seine, Francia, pero necesita más financiación. Por ello, ha abierto un proyecto de crowfunding en  Indiegogo

o pinchando aquí

con el que se le puede financiar con aportaciones  desde 5 hasta 3,000 $ (desde 3,87 eur. hasta 2.324 eru.), obteniendo recompensas que van desde una nota de agradecimiento, impresiones de sus obras en diversos tamaños,  hasta una de sus maravillosas hojas -si alguien no sabe qué regalarme....- :

Todavía faltan 26 días para finalizar el proyecto y obtner la financiación de 3,000 $ que necesita, aunque ya ha conseguido 1,516 $
CAMAC  Artist Residency in France

This summer, I have been accepted for a month-long artist residency at the prestigious CAMAC Centre d'Art in Marnay-sur-Seine, France. Located in a small village just 60 miles outside of Paris, I will have the opportunity to focus on my artwork in the serene setting of the French countryside while also venturing into Paris to soak in artistic inspiration from the galleries and museums. During my time at CAMAC, I plan to continue work on the Leaf and Lacework series’ and also to begin developing new ideas. I eagerly anticipate this time of inspiration and reflection, and know that it will breathe new life into my creative process.

I am so excited about this opportunity, but I need your help to make it a reality! The funds raised on Indiegogo will go towards the cost of the residency program as well as transportation to and from France. Any additional funds raised for this project will go towards development and documentation of new work upon my return from the residency. I am offering archival quality matted and framed digital prints of images from the Leaf series as a thank-you for your support. Any amount that you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. Even if you are unable to make a donation, you can help by spreading the word! Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about my campaign.

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Todas las imágenes son de la web de Jenine Shereos

Otro día más obras de Jenine