(atadijos sin fraude) -equilibrios inefables-

miércoles, 11 de junio de 2014

Preparing one exhibition is often very boring

specially if the weather is stormy and hot.

So I have decided to spend my time making the gamba, and I'm remembering how many time I've been fascinated by the writing.

Manuscript, 2003

it's a work made in ink.Once it was written, each letter was grated with a punch, so that the writing was deformed and the ink penetrated in the paper.  

But perhaps was the time which grated the letters.

This manuscript -as all preciated manuscript / como todo manuscrito que se precie- has got glosas or comments that other hands -two different hands, indeed- wrote there, perhaps as an explanation of something, or as a joke, why not.

Nobody has achieved to translate this text now on*. I don't know who wrotte it neither what it says, what it means.
* (perhaps noboy trayed to translate it)

At the bottom ot the manuscript there is a mark that erudite scholars and connoisseurs consider it's a number. But what number is this?. They don't know it.

(do you understand me? ¿me explico? ¿Se me entiende?)

I'm trying to explain the manuscript
that was written 
to be 
an unintelligible text
an  inextricable forest

that was made not to be meant
not to be understood

do you understand me, now?